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Here at F A Simms & Partners we are a Licensed Insolvency & Business Rescue form, with our head office based in Leicestershire. We also have a further 9 satellite offices across the country and so deal with insolvency & liquidation appointments nationwide.


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F A Simms & Partners provide personalised and tailor-made advice

We always offer the most personalised and tailored advice to everyone who contacts us for help and support. We understand that as Insolvency Practitioners every enquiry we receive is different and so we approach all enquiries from their unique situation and offer advice accordingly.

It is our aim to provide solutions that the client feels comfortable with, and so we will never focus on a single process, but highlight a number of options available in order for the Company Director to choose which one they feel fits best.

Free Consultations at our Leicestershire head office or in your locality

We offer free initial consultations wherever you are based. As our head office is located near the city of Leicester, we are in an excellent commuting location and so are willing to travel to a convenient location to you.

These face to face meetings will be a chance for our Insolvency Practitioner to better understand your situation and to be able to give further descriptions of the processes that are available to you.

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We were established in 1978 and so have been working within the insolvency industry for 40 years. We are a fully licensed firm of Insolvency Practitioners and business recovery professionals. We provide help lines to a number of professional and trade bodies across the country so you should feel safe that the advice we offer is of high quality from highly respected individuals.

Meet The Team

We currently have 3 Insolvency Practitioners working at our firm, and these are the first point of contact for all new enquiries. We are a second generation family-run firm so our team is friendly and always available to help you. Behind the Insolvency Practitioners there is a strong team of around 15 further employees who are dedicated to making our service as quick and efficient as possible.  

Turn Around Help

It must be remembered that if you are trading an insolvent company it does not mean it has to enter full closure liquidation. There are other opportunities available to help rescue your struggling company or help you to start afresh with your business in a new company. Company liquidation does not have to mean the end. The other services available are; Company Voluntary Arrangement & Administration.